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From a young age I had a very clear vision of what I saw when it came to the concept of ‘style’, although when you’re a young and impressionable teenage girl you get caught up with what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s not and I’ve come a long way from the outfits I’d like to one day forget. Now a notorious fashion and style bowerbird, my mantra stands firmly at: clean dressing, clean eating, clean living

and THE LUXURIANTE is exactly that.

We speak a distinct language here at THE LUXURIANTE, which is a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle voice that reflects Style rather than Fashion. I think most people don’t realize that you don’t need to scream fashion to be stylish. THE LUXURIANTE is about the little luxuries that inspire and create that concept of style

To me, there is nothing more stylish than Black and White and there is nothing more luxurious than knowing how to wear it.

While blogging was always something I looked to for inspiration, I’m amazingly blessed that the tables have turned and it is now my style that is the one being looked to. So it’s beyond exciting to share that I have a number of fashion and beauty projects and collaborations coming up with some well known labels and designers!

So stay tuned and follow us at @LUXURIANTE as we use this standpoint for creating beautiful things for the modern day voguette

Here’s to beautiful beginnings xxx

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