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When it comes to style icons girls, we all have one or resonate with a few (unless you’re like me at age 11 and trying to incorporate each of the 5 SPICE girls into one outfit) but for me there is one and one alone​ and that is the divine Ms Christine Centenera.

If you know me personally and are throwing your arms in the air saying ‘ah Kim Kardashian?!’ then fact: did you know that my girl CC was the initial inspiration​ behind​ ​Kanye’s fashion intervention​ with Kim​. ​Christine’s style and influence is so easily identifiable at the beginning of Kim’s style evolution​ and being such a fan of Kim already, this made me super excited at the time.

Currently reining at VOGUE Australia, as the senior fashion editor and fashion director for miss VOGUE, Centenera roots are based in my other fashion fave, Harpers Bazaar Australia, spending 10 years there as fashion assistant turned editor. It’s widely know that Christine consultants to Kanye West and Ksubi ​and when you’re collaborating with​ other​ such ​amazing design minds it’s ​almost too hard to see where​ the lines cross a​s to who influences who here.​ Either way her incredibly cool styling using cult pieces is absolute perfection​ and her looks are street style gold ​- I can’t even recall the last time the glossies didn’t include her in their Fashion Week wrap ups.

So let’s take a little time to lust over some of my all time favourite CC looks and dream about her wardrobe magically appearing in our own. Fashion heaven.

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