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As a creative, I draw inspiration from everything – shapes, colours, locations and scents to name a few. I find that there is so much beauty to be found in the world around us and it’s rare to come across another person that does the same in order to fuel their imagination and in turn create beautiful things from what they see.

Since stumbling across the gorgeous label Love Ludie and getting to know its founder Jenna Hutchison on a personal level, I have to say that she is now officially one of those people too. Born from her technicolour mind, Love Ludie produces 100% Natural Soy Candles in eccentric exotic blends that are hand poured in Torquay, Australia. Having known Jenna for a little while now I’m super excited about Love Ludie launching their highly coveted ALPHA candle so I recently caught up with Jenna to get a little more insight on the Love behind Ludie…


JR: I love the name Love Ludie, is there a story behind that?
JH: Haha, there is actually! When I was really little I had an imaginary friend that I decided to call Ludie and despite having 2 sisters I would play, create and design things with this imaginary friend. The name “Love” Ludie came to life around 4 years ago when I was trying to think of a Tumblr URL that nobody else would have, I wanted it to mean something to me, and I wanted there to be a story behind it and that was how love Ludie was born. I like the concept of the fact that Ludie was a result of my inner creativity just like all my products.

JR: The LL identity and scents are so stunning, where do you draw your inspiration from?
JH: I just wanted it to be organically me! Every element of Love Ludie has just purely come from things I love – the watercolours, the calligraphy and the fragrances. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from my travels; Africa was one of the most inspiring places I have ever been, from the landscape to the culture to coming across the most amazing fabrics on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! My tumblr blog has been a reference to everything I love. I wanted Love Ludie to be different. There are not a lot of companies that take their LOGO and rework it different way to distinguish each product. The calligraphy writing also puts a sophisticated spin on the all handmade concept – I’ve received several emails with people asking what font I use haha!

JR: You recently secured a gorgeous studio in Bells Beach and are committing to the development and production of Love Ludie full-time, nervous? excited? tell us more!
JH: From the second I saw this studio space my first though was how quickly can I move in?! It is just magical, I love Bells beach and the view is just breathtaking and I had to have some sort of studio warming party purely just to show it off haha. There is however an incredible mix of emotions about leaving a full time career to just do your own business, I am very excited though.

JR: Do you have a grand vision for LL? Where do you see it all in 5 years time?
JH: Oh gosh! My mind is literally going a million miles an hour all day every day, so I feel the possibilities are endless. I completed a business plan about 2 months ago and one of my goals for within 5 years time was to potentially start stocking overseas, however I have just shipping orders off to 2 boutiques in the US one of which is located in North Hollywood it’s crazy (I don’t think it has hit me yet!) There are a lot of wonderful things currently in the works and I can’t wait to share them with everyone! I can definitely tell you that Love Ludie won’t just be stopping at Candles.

JR: Your new ALPHA Candle is quite different from the rest of the Love Ludie range, how did the concept of it come about?
JH: I have always had a love for anything with Copper Foiling and I wanted there to be a broad perception for the Love Ludie target market. Men love candles too so I wanted to create something a little more masculine than the rest of my range, it needed to be appealing to everyone, it needed to be different and it needed to be sexy, the fragrance for the ALPHA candle took about 6 months to perfect. I came up with so many fragrance combinations that were all delicious but I wasn’t 100% happy, and I didn’t want to launch it until it was spot on and I am so glad I waited because I could not be happier with the end result and I am so happy with the response I have received from it.


The ALPHA is now available at and while Jenna describes the ALPHA as a rich masculine scent with a combination of bamboo, cedar wood and sandalwood with hints of amber and musk, don’t let the term ‘masculine’ freak you out. When I finally received my ALPHA candle in the post, I busted open the box to the most beautiful aroma and can only describe the scent that filled the air around me as ‘luxurious’. So with limited created, you better race to get your hands on this little bad boy before your nose starts to unconsciously lead you on a journey and you find yourself outside a gorgeous little white studio somewhere in Bells Beach.

Candle: Love Ludie
Heels: The Mode Collective
Jewellery: Peter Lang, My Mum Made It & Alice or Jewellery
Planter Pot: Well & Glasso

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