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Ok so story.

Now I’m a girl who is a little tame when it comes to going out: I don’t drink, I don’t dance, I don’t go home with boys and rarely stay out past 1am. So for me it’s always super entertaining to head out with my single friends especially when they may or may not be looking for Mr. Right. So let’s fast forward this little story to a Sunday Sesh where my dear friend Nicki was actually looking for Mr. Right Now.

Apart from the fact that the funniest thing in the world is watching drunk boys attempt to chat up sober girls, I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed so hard after rummaging through my girlfriend’s bag for some lip gloss only to find her entire bathroom inside her clutch. ‘Nicki what the hell? And how did you get all of this in such a bloody small bag?!’ So now in between gasps of laughter Nicki attempts to plead her case whilst my other bestie Ashleigh and I are falling off our bar stools, pulling out more and more out of this tiny handbag. ‘Guys! I need to be prepared ok!’ ‘Nicki! There’s a toothbrush, a condom and some spare undies in here!’ I gasped. ‘Oh wait! Makeup wipes!’ Ash yells from the depths of Nicki’s clutch ‘Man this thing just keeps on going! What else is in here?’

Now super fast forwarding to today and my only wish is that Nicki had a bloody E.S.K pack instead of all this stuff floating around in her clutch because let’s be real, by time she’d found her Mr. Right Now all that stuff had probably fallen out of her bag and was lost to the dance floor never to be recovered. I absolutely love the concept behind E.S.K’s packs which is A) super relevant and B) the most compact Emergency Sleepover Kit anyone ever did see. Their sleek and stylish design is basically  incognito in a girls handbag and because it’s vacuumed sealed, there’ll be no bits and pieces falling out while you’re partying hard. These amazing little kits contain:

‘Basis’ facial cleansing cloth
‘Four Seasons’ naked condom
Mini pack of ‘Tic Tac’ mints
‘Palmers’ cocoa butter moisturiser sachet
‘Amele’ intimate freshen-up wipe
‘Swisspers’ cotton tip
Mini ‘Colgate’ toothbrush
‘U by Kotex’ tampon
An elastic hair band
And two bobby pins

E.S.K are also on our LUX LOVES list so girls (Nicki I’m specifically talking to you now) get yourselves some E.S.K packs ASAP as NYE is just around the corner and who knows where that kiss at midnight will lead.

  • Billybob
    Posted at 06:04h, 08 February Reply

    It’s great to find an expert who can exalipn things so well

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