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If you know me, you know I love a good cup of tea; I tend to go through phases as well where I’ll only want Peppermint or I have to have a French Earl Grey to start the day. If you really know me, then you also know that I have quite the sweet tooth, and by quite I actually mean hectic. So when you’re talking about bringing these two little loves of mine together in one place then you’ve sold me. High Tea anyone?

And if we’re talking High Tea then we are talking Cristina Re, simple as that. Cristina Re’s stunning ranges of designer Tea Cups, Tea Pots, Mugs, Dinner Sets, Cake Stands and Cutlery is absolutely the go-to for that stylish high tea inspiration. So whether it’s a few of the girls getting together, impressing the in-law’s or break up counselling your bestie, their entire range have you covered whatever the occasion may be.

After attending a High Tea at the Stamford Plaza with the girls last year, I’ve been on the hunt for some little luxuries to bring that indulgent experience back into my own home; and coming across Cristina Re’s ‘Signature’ and ‘Age of Elegance’ High Tea ranges have answered all my prayers. Whilst both ranges come in array of pastels and brights, my monochrome heart was instantly drawn to the Ebony Signature Tea Cups and Mugs and the stunning Petite Tea Cups in Ebony Stripes.

I even stick my pinky out when I’m drinking my tea out of them now. That fancy.

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