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Every January I take the time to do a big new year revamp and clean out my makeup bags, wardrobe, beauty counter and shoe closet and I feel so much better about life when I’m done. It’s such a sense of accomplishment that I’m all sorted and ready for the year ahead… then the voice in my head goes calm down girl, you haven’t even thought about your bank account, loans and debts yet. Yea yea important things first I say. So over the next few weeks I’ll be doing features on my beauty, health, skincare and makeup must haves for 2015 and I’m excited to kick it all off with our LUX LOVES listed brand, Oille Natural.

My inspiration for wanting to start a regenerative skin care regime this year was actually my favourite auntie who we’ll say is between 40-50 years of age, but seriously does not look a day over 30. How you say? Beauty and skincare she says! So when I stumbled across the American based Oille I knew it was meant to be. Apart from the fact that everything comes in these stunningly branded little bottles, it’s their formulation and ingredients that really drew me in. All organic, all botanical and essential oils and all lab tested – these little babies are beautiful inside and out.

As I’m now in my mid-twenties, owner and founder Kirsten King has got me going on the perfect face serum starter pack with the:

Cleansing Intelligence
Healing Intelligence Recover
Anti-aging Intelligence 20-30’s
and the Anti-aging Intelligence 40-50’s

and for someone with quite sensitive and reactive skin, I’ve found them to be an absolute dream. My favourite? the Healing Intelligence Recover. I use a lot of very strong creams to combat my problem skin and spots so with its anti-inflammation and calming formula it’s now the answer to my stressed out skins cries after I’ve washing that all off.

Too early to be think about this sort of stuff? Think again. I remember chatting to my auntie Carmela about her beauty regime and she said that it really is a commitment that you need to make starting from a young age and you need to follow it through. So getting into looking after your skin now acts as a preventative rather than a reactive measure. So to beat the wrinkles, aging and skin tone mishaps, Oille you’re on team LUXURIANTE for the long haul.

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