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It’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed with interior design and styling and since moving into a brand new (black & white of course) apartment in Sydney I feel like I’ve just fuelled the fire even more.

Now I feel like if you’ve been following my instagram and my blog for a while you’d know that I really struggle with colours; if you haven’t picked up on that yet – brights really hurt my eye balls. For me that goes not only with clothing and accessories, but my home and decor as well. I mean I just don’t understand who wants to wake up to a bright green wall in their bedroom every morning? I’ll stab myself in the eye thanks.

I’m also pretty specific on the styling too.

It can’t be too minimal, I’ll feel like I’m doing time in a cell
It can’t be too girly, I’ll vomit candy floss
It can’t be too gaudy, I’ll feel like I woke up in a Donatella Versace nightmare

It’s got to be a well thought out mix. I like to start with minimal black and white and go from there by adding key pieces of furniture and decor. Some with rich character, some Scandinavian inspired and some a little opulent (I’m Italian I can’t help that part, it’s like in my blood or something).

We are still finishing up the finer details and will hopefully be doing a shoot at home to show off our new digs soon, but for now I thought I’d share some of my inspiration images that I’m currently obsessing over. I already can’t wait to get home every day to my monochromatic sanctuary and if our apartment ends up looking like these when I’m done, I’ll probably never leave it.

All so dreamy.

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