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What is this? A Valentine gift from me to me? Thanks me!

Fortunately, this will not be me this year and let’s be honest it never really was because I’m a total catch and from the age of 17 have basically permanently had a boyfriend. Except that one time where I was totally done with one and ditched him on the 11th of Feb and my best friend ended up being my Valentine and we romantically hit up the local Thai take-a-way for our dinner date.

Fast forward to 2015 and I can safely say that times have changed. I now have an amazing boyfriend and even though I’m 100% certain there is no way he has even thought about what he’s going to get my for Valentine’s Day I’ll have to tell him not to bother with getting me a gift. Luxe Gifting & Co have already sent me theirs and I’m really sorry but there is nothing that can top them.

Luxe Gifting & Co? What and who you say? Girls it is time you informed your men of this Luxury Gifting Company because they have hit the ol’ ‘what girl’s really want’ on the head with their stunning range of Gift Box Hampers. Ranging from LifestyleIndulgenceCelebrationPicnic and more; Luxe Gifting offer an amazing Gift Box for whatever the occasion and include some of our favourite luxury brands such as Atelier Lumira, The Aromatherapy Co, Cristina Re & Domaine Chandon Champagne. Blown away? But wait there’s more.

All of these amazing pieces in one place? Yes please. And all in luxury packaging? Ok I need it now. We all know I’m a sucker for beautiful luxury packaging – what girl isn’t? So with their Net-a-Porter style Gifting & Wrapping Service argh I’m in love. I felt like all my Valentine’s Day’s had come at once when I was opening my Valentine’s themed Gift Box, talk about knowing how to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world (and no don’t sing that to the tune of Rihanna)

The Valentine’s Gift Box by Luxe Gifting & Co features:

– A Cristina Re ‘Age of Elegance’ Designer High Tea Cup
– A Deitea full size box of Loose Leaf Tea (100g)
– And a Natalija the Label Lace Nightie

Styles/colours/flavours my vary, so if you’re hinting to your boy that you want one of these packs for V Day also make sure he confirms the variables! Make it happen girls we are official less than a week out, it will be the best Valentine’s gift you ever got yourselfgot him to get you…your boyfriend got you all on his own… yes the last one.

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