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If you know me in the slightest you know when it comes to fashion, especially home grown, that I’m a lover of Sass & Bide through and through. I was about 15 when I started consuming myself in Harper’s Bazaar and watching fashion shows online and it was also around the same time Sass & Bide has really burst onto the scene. I was still in high school at this point but at every party we’d go to I think almost every single girl had one of the brands coveted denim jackets, and if you didn’t? Who are you you and why are you here? I think I actually permanently lived in mine and as S&B had started out doing denim, their pieces were just so on point at the time.

Fast forward a few years and Heidi Middleton & Sarah-Jane Clark had all grown up from their Aussie laid back looks and the Australian label had hit the international scene with amazing sophistication. It’s been a permanent roller coaster for me waiting to see the new seasons looks an then hunting down my most wanted pieces at the boutiques around town. I was and still am an avid collector of their limited edition and collector pieces, and the reason I am so obsessed with them all is because there is nothing else out there like them.

It’s with such a heavy heart that the new Sass & Bide Autumn/Winter 2015/16 season is presented under the labels new Creative Director, Anthony Cuthbertson, as the founding designers have now stepped down and away from the brand to pursue other creative ventures. Although I will say that AC has done an amazing job at encapsulating all the aspects all that we love and associate with the brand into his debut season – embellishment, originality, the silhouettes, it’s all there.

I thought I’d share some of my all time favourite looks by the label to celebrate an amazing brand that has only begun to stretch it’s legs. I’m so excited to see where the new direction takes Sass & Bide and I, along with the rest of Australia are going to be watching with a keen eye on Anthony Cuthbertson.

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