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I have to say, going back to work full time after a few months off has been quite the challenge. Feeling exhausted for the first few weeks, having less time to do all the things I need to do, major mood swings, sleeping in til midday on Saturday to catch up on lost zzz’s – how great is work right? Not. I can safely say that I’ve since pulled myself together and have a routine down pat, although being organized still doesn’t give you back the time you once had.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that with a busy schedule you still absolutely need to make time for yourself. I now make sure I exercise after work, no matter how tired I feel, prepare all my food so I’m ready to roll the next day and I make sure I get up with enough time to have breakfast properly instead of racing out the door. I eat mostly salads throughout the day, so I definitely need something substantial and full of nutrition to keep me going all day so intro my new super charged morning fuel by The Wild.

I discovered The Wild around mid-last year and since being introduced to this amazing little health foods company, I’ve been hooked. TW produce the most amazing health enhancing and deliciously potent breakfast mixes that beyond arouse your senses and nurture your body. Their exotic mixes are made up of ingredients that are all organic, gluten free, vegan, mostly raw and without refined sugar added. On display for you lovers here today is their entire range:

Cacao & Wild Berry Granola,
Lemon & Blueberry Bircher,
Lime + Coconut Muesli,
Vanilla + Chia Seed Porridge
and the
Wild Orange + Cacao Crumble

Each and every one of these are the most amazingly fresh and aromatic mix and grains, fruits and nuts and I literally feel like I’m drifting off to Fiji whilst eating breakfast in my kitchen. They also leave my feeling incredibly satisfied although I’m now at the point where I have to stop myself just eating more and more because they taste so insanely good! My health kick this year officially started with The Wild by my side so if 2015 is your year too or you just need a little escape before you hit the 9-5 like I do, do yourself and your body a favour and get some The Wild into you stat.

You’ll be drifting off on a holiday dream in no time.

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