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At the beginning of each year I take the time to do a big new year revamp and clean out my makeup bags, wardrobe, beauty counter & shoe closet and I feel so much better about life when I’m done. It’s such a sense of accomplishment that I’m all sorted and ready for the year ahead… then the voice in my head goes calm down girl, you haven’t even thought about your bank account, loans and debts yet. Yea yea important things first I say. So in sharing the new year vibes I’m excited to announce our TOV Beauty Must Haves for 2015!

Each of these products have all been personally tested and while everyone has their own preferences and their skin reacts and agrees with different things, the beauties listed below are my official ‘go-to’s’ for the year ahead. I’m super excited to share our very first Beauty Must Haves list and had so much fun putting it all together, will no doubt make this an annual release! As hopefully a very anticipated list every year, let’s kick this first bad boy off already…

BEAUTY | Oille Natural

My inspiration for wanting to start a regenerative skin care regime this year was actually my favourite auntie who we’ll say is between 40-50 years of age, but seriously does not look a day over 30. How you say? Beauty and skincare she says! So when I stumbled across the American based Oille I knew it was meant to be. Apart from the fact that everything comes in these stunningly branded little bottles, it’s their formulation and ingredients that really drew me in. All organic, all botanical and essential oils and all lab tested – these little babies are beautiful inside and out. As I’m now in my mid-twenties, owner and founder Kirsten King has got me going on the perfect face serum starter pack with the: Cleansing Intelligence, Healing Intelligence Recover, Anti-aging Intelligence 20-30’s & Anti-aging Intelligence 40-50’s and for someone with quite sensitive and reactive skin, I’ve found them to be an absolute dream. My favourite? the Healing Intelligence Recover. I use a lot of very strong creams to combat my problem skin and spots so with its anti-inflammation and calming formula it’s now the answer to my stressed out skins cries after I’ve washing that all off. Too early to be think about this sort of stuff? Think again. I remember chatting to my auntie Carmela about her beauty regime and she said that it really is a commitment that you need to make starting from a young age and you need to follow it through. So getting into looking after your skin now acts as a preventative rather than a reactive measure. So to beat the wrinkles, aging and skin tone mishaps, Oille you’re on team TOV for the long haul.



I’m not going to lie, still in my mid-twenties I am crazy afraid of needles. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say that tears are still involved in the absolutely horrific process. So it only came to me, what the hell was I going to do when I’m a fabulous old bitty wanting to be even more fabulous but too afraid to go under the knife? Well to be honest I wasn’t really wanting to wait until I got old, I want that Kylie Jenner tight ass face now! Enter Ms. Soho and their complete range of beauty treatments for skin detoxification, under eye revitalisation and lip plumping. I couldn’t have been happier to find a company that made it absolutely pain free to fix a few little things that my reflection didn’t agree with BUT would they actually work? As someone with extremely reactive skin I had the Ms. Soho range sitting in my bathroom for a while before I actually got the guts to try everything (I was living in fear that a horrible reaction would leave my face red, raw or enflamed) and thank goodness I was pleasantly surprised. The gold face mask you can see in the images is the Face Tightener, The two little gold worms are the Eye Brighteners and the weird golden oval is the Lip Plump, all fall under Ms. Soho’s Three Day Collagen range. For me The Five Day Skin Detox in the Beautitox range gave me the best results; having suffered from blemishes all my life I was so incredibly happy to see my skin so much calmer and clearer at the end of the detox. The Eye Brightener and the Lip Plump weren’t as effective on me, I feel like the eye masks helps smooth out bags rather than actually brighten or change my dark circles but still very happy. Totally felt my inner-Kylie shining through so am hoping to have Ms. Soho by my side to limit all possible needles down the track.


SKIN CARE | Salus Body

For me, 2015 has been about fresh starts and I’ve started to really pay attention to the products I use on my body and the foods that I put into my body and have put a huge emphasis on getting back to basics. Starting with beauty and body, cutting out strong chemicals has been almost too easy with Salus Body and their all natural high performance formulations. All contain therapeutically active and powerful botanicals, natural plant extracts and pure essential oils that are 100% free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic colour, sodium laurel sulphates, glycols, parabens and mineral oils. Salus Body totally get my back to basics vibe; their minimal packaging is not screaming for attention and what makes them both beautiful inside and out is that every product within the Salus range is packaged in recyclable or reusable packaging. If you walk into my bathroom at home right now, you see and feel the love that’s going on here. The Salus Tuberose & Grapefruit Hydrating Hand Wash and Lavender & Mandarin Hand & Cuticle Cream currently live on the top of my basin, the Geranium & Juniper Berry Body Cleanser and Eucalyptus & Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub are perched on my shower shelf and the Organic Lavender & Black Salt Body Soak and Lemongrass Soy Candle have found their place on the side of my bath tub. It’s like the luxury Salus Body botanical retreat spa every morning and every evening in there.


MAKEUP | MUSQ Cosmetics

In this review I talk all about going back to basics, using more nature products and making more simple beauty choices. It took me a while to actually catch onto to exactly what all that meant and why it’s important so I thought I’d run through that a little more with MUSQ Cosmetics by my side. MUSQ are another brand advocating cruelty & gluten free, vegan products with reduced chemicals so TICK their stunning products are also user friendly. So what the hell does all that mean? A vegan product simply is a product that has no animal-derived ingredients or ingredients produced by animals and natural ingredients means not using unnecessary chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals or other harmful fillers or synthetics. MUSQ’s products are all gold star winners in this category and I was lucky enough to test out their Creme Foundation, Mineral Bronzer, Shimmer Eye Shadows, Lipgloss & Lipstick all of which are free of carmine, elastin, allantoin & gluten. There is so much stuff that isn’t in MUSQ products but what is in them in an amazing overall look & finish. Their mineral based products are all light weight and light reflecting so I’m loving the natural glow. If we are talking beauty then let’s be real, you can’t cut out all chemicals and honestly there must be SO many in the makeup we use that we have no idea about. This was the main reason why I decided to make small and easy changes to minimise my exposure by being more aware of the choices I make. So I can excitedly announce that I choose to incorporate MUSQ into my new beauty routine.



I don’t know about you but the pain is real when I’m on the hunt for new makeup brushes. Why the hell are they so expensive? After my window shopping expeditions are done and I’m trying to tally up which ones I need and which ones I can live without, my brush count is revised down and down because I’m breaking the bank trying to manage to get them all. Back to square one, no brushes. Then came a beautiful shining light entered my life, and that light came in black and white (of course) and was called LOUD Makeup. A 15 piece brush set in stunning monochrome and in a black scuba makeup pouch for only $56, woah woah woah no they have to be dodgy right? Wrong! I’ve been using these amazing things day in, day out for the past month and couldn’t be happier. I had a few MAC brushes already but these little beauties are just as amazing and they look just as amazing as well. LOUD Makeup brushes are all 100% vegan and feature natural wood handles, aluminium ferrules and nylon synthetic & taklon bristles making them not only durable but also cruelty free. It’s honestly been easier than I thought to become more conscious of the products I use and having such aesthetically beautiful pieces, I couldn’t resist the double whammy. I remember feeling jealous of my friends who had nice brushes when we’d be getting ready to hit the town and here’s me with my few MAC brushes doing it tough. But not today, no sir-ree, now I feel like such a baller in my own bathroom and have them all out on display just make all the other bitches jealous. Yea now what.


STORAGE | The Makeup Box Shop

Speaking of beauty products on display, there is no other than The Makeup Box Shop who does it so right. Since filling my clear acrylic storage shelves and brush holder with all my favourite makeup, my bathroom countertop has never looked so luxurious. It sits proudly in the centre of my bathroom and I’m totally obsessed with it. I feel like makeup storage is definitely the biggest lust have right now and are my pick for THE makeup product of 2015. Everyone wants them, and if you’re like me you definitely need them. The Makeup Box Shop’s range is ridiculous. They have every possible combination, size and style so whether you’re starting out with a few bits and pieces, a hectic makeup addict with a mountain or just a makeup whore wanting to show off your goodies TMBS have you covered. Ok ok fine, I may be the third option there but I’m out and proud and so are my products in the clear casing and they look bloody beautiful in there.



It is the absolute pain of my existence having suffered from blemishes and spots on my face since early teenage-hood. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve also been known to fall asleep with my makeup on at night and we all know we shouldn’t do that. A) It’s TERRIBLE for your skin and B) it’s a hoe-riffic hot mess in the morning, in my defence I’d kind of given up on what’s good and what wasn’t nothing I was doing was making a difference so meh. Having dived into the beauty industry more than ever this year I was beyond excited to be introduced to Lauren Napier’s signature product; the Cleanse make up wipe. Although, I will say before now, I never really got into the babywipe-esk makeup removal products, it was the weird residue left on my face I didn’t like. Before trying CLEANSE by Lauren Napier I was a little ‘I-know-I’m-not-going-to-like-these-anyway’ but my lifetime of dislike stopped right there, no soft residue…I felt clean! Totally amazed by these little guys and so handy to have as well, I wish my early 20’s self knew about these back then because that post night out morning makeup would have been best wiped off the night before. Lauren Napier has created real beauty in taking it off with Cleanse and if you’re still that party animal, your clean morning face will be thanking these little guys for it.


SCENT | Atelier Lumira

Right now I’m all about safe, natural, organic self-care and love all things luxury. So when all of this is combined into one product I get a little bit excited; and consider these products found in Atelier Lumira. Lumira’s PARADISIUM collection was launched late last year and features their first signature Eau de Parfum and Hand & Body Cream as well as the lines hand poured scented candle. The collection pays homage to earth’s natural abundance, seducing us all with notes of luscious green fig intertwined with fresh bergamot to produce a light, sophisticated fragrance. Apart from the fact that everything comes in the most stunningly branded packaging (I’m actually obsessed), it’s their formulation and ingredients that really drew us in. It’s so nice to see another young brand making a special effort to use all natural and all botanical formulations, honestly these days if you aren’t, it’s a question of why not. The Paradisium range is definitely a summer scent – it’s light, it’s crisp, it’s fresh and the scent density in all three products is perfect. I get really annoyed when you buy perfume or anything scented for that matter and the smell fades so quickly, like why even bother. Atelier Lumira have somehow managed to get this so right with the signature scent lingering beautifully but is in no way overbearing. Now that we’re are coming into winter, I’m thinking I’ll be spraying my Paradisium Eau de Parfum in the morning and lighting my hand poured candle at night on the days where I’m in ‘take me back to summer’ mode.




Coming back to my 2015 beauty concept of trying to cut out strong chemicals when I can is mirrored again here with the brand new water based nail polish remover by new comer, Kester Black. To me, the white peach scented Water Based Nail Polish Remover is yet another recipient of beautiful inside and out award so don’t let the minimal packaging fool you, this little bottle is filled with a bunch of goodness. Kester Black’s vegan formula contains aloe vera, vitamin and is acetone and acetate free plus its Australian made! So does this product have it all? well almost. If you wanna save the bunnies and buy a nail polish that isn’t tested on animals awesome, you got yourself a winner; but if you’re in a rush and need to get you polish off ASAP you may have a slight problem. With no super harsh chemicals that’s smell knocks your socks off as soon as you open the bottle it does take a little longer and require a little extra work to do what it’s supposed to. At first I as like ‘oh no reeaally’ but on second thought I figured it was worth it, I’m committed to my beauty pledge so an extra minute versus nasty chemicals is a win in my eyes. Kester Black, you and I are going to have some beautiful Sunday afternoons painting nails together.



Probably the greatest rarity in my beauty routine is actually setting aside an hour or two for a bath. I think the old fashion bath has lost its way in the current day and age, I mean who has time for a bath anymore? Is the bath age over? I’d safely say it was for me up until my focus on myself revelation at the beginning of the year. Bringing my bath time into 2015 is MUD and I’m so glad I’m making this a thing this year. So what is MUD? It’s not real mud as in dirt, but is made of bentonite clay, kaolin clay, Himalayan rock salt, sandalwood powder, organic French lavender powder and aloe vera powder. When I first read the ingredients lists I though sheesh that is one random mix but the girls at MUD have it all figured out. Discovering that our bodies are full of toxins, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, parabens and heaps of other stuff that has accumulated within your body over the years they’ve formulated a way help un-clog your body. MUD’s key ingredient, bentonite clay has an electrical charge which comes to life when married with water. The negative charge in the clay apparently attracts the positive charge found in toxins, and this is how toxins are extracted. Sounds super complex to me, so all technicalities aside and long story short, MUD is designed to detox your body, smooth your skin and relax your mind. And relax it does so I’m done with all the stuff I need a science degree to understand because whatever all that means it’s totally working.


BATHROOM | Bondi Wash

Fun fact about me: I’m actually ridiculously OCD about cleanliness and tidiness and the cleanest/dirtiest room in my apartment? The bathroom. Me getting ready is like a total makeup war zone there’s loose powder all over the floor, a million make up wipes, tissues and cotton buds lying around and bronzer may or may not sometimes end up on the walls. I’m one of those people that is always late as is racing in a crazy rush to get ready so I can’t help it, but upon arriving home (no matter how late it is) I always clean up. My closet is very much my sanctuary, but my bathroom falls in at a close second place so it has to be extremely clean and organised just like my wardrobe. Which is why it was a great day late last year when Bondi Wash entered my life, ever since my bathroom and I have never looked back. Their beautiful range of Hand Wash, Bench Spray and Floor Cleaner were my originals and BW’s heart lies in the right here in Sydney. Their products have a strong focus on natural all Australian scents that are absolutely to die for: Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender, Peppermint & Rosemary and Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin how could I not be enabled into not wanting to clean even more? Bondi Wash’s more recently released products include the Mist Spray for Rooms and Linens using Australian Bush Oils and the brand new Triple Milled Soap Bar with Australia Wattleseed Oil and both are just as amazing as they sound. I use the Mist Spray as an air freshener and it’s like a natural heaven in there every time. Bondi Wash also have a cleaning product line for dogs which means I totally need a puppy and he needs to smell like Paperbark & Lemongrass.

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