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If you know me and know me well, you’ll know that there is no truer statement about me than ‘I live in basics’. Open my wardrobe and most of what you’ll find is basics. See me on the streets on Sydney, yes I’ll most likely be in basics. Why? There’s something understatedly sexy, relaxed and cool about making the simple basic work for any occasion. For me, paired with some killer heels and a black detailed bralette and I’m good to go.

You may be wondering why on earth all these images are taken in a carpark… Well with a little basics challenge in mind, I set off for the weekend working around my new found love’s Betty Browne. With an amazing range that seems to cover all my favourite cuts and colours, Betty Browne literally has me covered for all my basic love needs. These shots are taken literally just as I’m about to jump in the car and head out for the day last Friday, Saturday & Sunday and are really more of a visual ‘what I wore’ log of how I style my Betty Browne basicson a daily basis.


The weekend hasn’t started yet so no time for slacking off, errands to run, PR showrooms to stop by and a stack of emails to get to. Probably my fail proof go-to for days like this is my ClassicTee in slightly sheer white (which I love!) and a pencil skirt. This outfit makes it so much easier for me to head In and out of the studio for anything.


How I feel on a Saturday really depends on the weather and a sunny day in July means interesting temperatures to play with. Chilly in the morning and warm at midday means I have to be covered for everything. My Marle Grey Crew Tee with a slightly longer Staple the Label Skirt & Bassike Jumper have me covered for the chill.

Sunday funday; which for me means ‘finally some down time day’ so relaxed dressing it is! You’ll hardly ever catch me in flats so I paired my Long Sleeve Relaxed Crew with some slouchy Zara harem pants and Wanted Shoes T-Bar heels. En route to brunch here I come.

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