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They say new year, new you but old habits die hard and I mean they also say if you got something good, stick with it. So 2016, If it’s ok with you I’m keeping my love of contouring for the year ahead. So many good things happened in beauty for me last year; 2015 was definitely an expansion on routines and products and was majorly down to 2 things: Sephora opening in Australia and nailing the contouring craze.

I used to get so excited travelling to Europe – it meant shopping in the stores we didn’t have in Australia but when Sephora announced they’d finally be opening here, the wait was finally over. Even though their brand new flagship store is now open in the Sydney CBD (literally a few km’s from my house) I find that I’m always heading for them online instead via as I barely get time to go shopping like I used to and online is just way too easy these days.

But back to my obsession with contouring, my whole point here is that I’m super excited that the coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills range is being stocked both in store at Sephora Australia and on so I nabbed a few goodies to aid my holy routine. Enter my new favourites:

Brow Wiz in Soft Brown
Original Contour Kit in Light to Medium
Pro Pencil in Base 2

I thought I’d actually show a step by step featuring my 3 new products of how I use them to achieve my fail proof bronzed look I’ve been living in this summer. I know there’s a million different ways that people apply and use these products but this is how I use them at least. First point in this step by step is just to note the colour names on the Original Contour Kit. I have the Light to Medium colour way, although if you’re like me and you’re generally a medium tone you’d probably benefit from also having the Medium to Tan colour way as well (it’s next on my list to buy!).

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Step 1 below shows my liquid foundation and the application of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit on top. I use the colour Peaches & Cream on my chin, down the centre of my nose, under my eyes on top of my concealer and at the top of my nose between my brows. The Macchiato colour I use everywhere else I haven’t highlighted so under my cheek bones, on my forehead and over my eyelids. I then use the Nutmeg colour of the contouring of my cheek bones and apply some around my hairline and the top of my forehead. The stunning 10K colour is like a shimmery bronze so put that above my cheekbones, on my cupids bow and sometimes on my lower forehead where I’ve highlighted between my brows. Depending on how bronzed I am or how much I want my cheek bones defined I sometimes put some of the Havana colour on as an all-over bronzer.

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By Step 2 I’ve got my eyebrows done using the Brow Wiz in Soft Brown and I’ve applied my Pro Pencil in Base 2 on my eyelids as an eye shadow primer as well as on my lips as a lipstick liner. I do my eyebrows differently depending on the occasion: I normally keep them filled in but will be more precise and apply more to get a deeper colour when I’m going to work, events or out and just fairly light when I’m just at home or not doing much. Both are so easy to achieve with the precision applicator on the Brow Wiz. The Pro Pencil is technically labelled a colour corrector and eye shadow primer but I also use mine as a lip primer as the lipstick I wear day to day is a nude colour and my lips are naturally quite red/pink so I like to dull them down using the Base 2 colour to get a better colour out of my light coloured lipsticks.

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Normally in the summer months I’m almost permanently going for the all-over bronzed look so Step 3 is actually a little makeup secret of mine that I do to achieve it: I use the same contouring colours that I use on my face on my eyes to create a fully blended look. Here I have the Nutmeg and Havana colours in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit all around my eyes and blended both with the Peaches & Cream. To top it off I apply the shimmery 10K colour in the inner corner of my eyes as a highlight as apply my mascara and nude lipstick on top of the Pro Pencil Base 2 colour.

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And whalah! My contouring routine down pat ready to take on 2016. Getting my hands on the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills range at Sephora was definitely a big beauty win for me so if you haven’t made your new year’s resolutions yet, be sure to add ‘Killing my Contouring’ and get to ASAP.

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