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For me, weekends are more often than not, super busy so I try to savour my mornings before I have to jump into the shower and get ready for go time. I like to set myself up at the computer, reply to emails, do some editing and then finally check calendar to see what’s ahead. If I haven’t got a lunch planned, normally I’m so flat out and I barely have time to stop between it all so when I know I have a busy day I plan my weekend breakfast around something that will last me all day (or at least til the afternoon).

Enter my new go to – my plant based protein cup of goodness. After needing something that would keep me satisfied for most of the day I started making this little baby an essential in my weekend routine. I have to say it’s been such a saviour because I absolutely hate it when I’m starving and I’m out and about and don’t have time to stop and get a good lunch, then the temptation is there to just grab whatever. So for me it’s been amazing on the avoiding café takeaway front.

So if you’re looking for something easy, healthy and that you can do at home, look no further. This is so quick to do and is all natural – converted yet?


Almond Milk (Optional)
Boiling Water
Chia Seeds (I used The Chia Co Black Chia Seeds)
Oats (I used The Chia Co Oats+Chia in Cacao & Coconut)


Before we Start
For this recipe I chose to go with The Chia Co’s Oats+Chia in the flavour Cacao & Coconut for a couple of reasons:

    1. First because they are super easy to prep because they are ready to go with just boiling water – the cacao powder and coconut flakes makes for a creamy mix with just water so no need for milk.
    2. Second because the cacao & coconut mix is to die for – who doesn’t love Cacao & Coconut?! The have a couple of other flavours like just straight Coconut or just Oats+Chia so depends what you feel like.
    3. And most important thirdly because this mix is a vegan, dairy-free, plant based with all the protein, fibre & good fats that helps me feel fuller for longer.


How to
Step 1. Take your oats and put into a bowl. Add boiling water to suit the consistency that you like and mix. In terms of how much, it depends how hungry you are or if you’re making a mini version for a smaller snack. I used about 200ml in a measuring cup. I also added the absolute tiniest dash of almond milk so this is optional and totally up to you.

Step 2. Grab the cup you’ll be using (glass or mug whatever your prefer) and start by putting a small amount of the oats in at the base creating a thin layer. I use a glass mug just so I can see what I’m doing – much easier!

Step 3. Start layering on top of the oats with your choice of nuts – you choose use whatever nuts you prefer but for this recipe I’m using almonds, black chia seeds and walnuts. Sometimes I also use dried coconut flakes as well so depends what you like and what you feel like at the time. I almost always use almonds, I feel like I live off them permanently.

Step 4. Repeat Step’s 2 and 3 until you get to the top of your cup.

Step 5. When it’s full at the top, I throw on a couple of extra almonds to top it all off.


Aaaand voilà the perfect cup of sunshine that will keep you going all day thanks to mother nature’s plant based protein. Get onto it, it’ll change your life.

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